#8 “Commanded” – 25 Days of Christmas


“When Joseph woke from sleep, he did as the angel of the Lord commanded him…”

I remember as a child scowling as these words from parents would invade my hearing:
“Do as you’re told.”

Who wants to do as they’re told?

When I am “told” to do something, I would never disagree or argue “out loud,” but in my mind I am figuring out a way to tweak the command ever so slightly.

The Angel commanded
Joseph married pregnant Mary
Remained chaste
Named the boy Jesus!
Just as he had been told…
No scowl.

I want to be like Joseph.

Laugh often and Fear not!


Today’s devotional is based on Matthew 1: 24-25

“25 Days of Christmas” – A 100 word daily devotional, counting down the days until the birth of the Newborn King!