The Voice of God

Voice of God

We met in 1983 and slowly, but surely we became good friends over the years.
And then I got divorced and as is usually the case, sides have to be taken and friendships, relationships come to an abrupt end.

Our friendship of fifteen years was one of the casualties… There were certainly no hard feelings on my part. There probably were no hard feelings on his side either. This is just the way things go. I wish it was otherwise…

About four of five years ago, after a fifteen year moratorium of silence, I reached out via email to let my friend know I still cared about him and his beautiful family. I cannot tell you how much my heart skipped when he responded and wanted to catch up by phone.

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I got you…

Her name is Denise. She’s 27 years old.
His name is Dennis. He’s 45 years old.
They sat next to each other at a training event.
They laughed at the large clock on the wall. It wasn’t moving fast enough!

Five minutes later the shooting began.
Dennis and Denise dropped to the floor in tandem, in concert, in a flash.
Dennis wrapped his arms around Denise. Used his body as a shield to protect his table mate.
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