Have you ever been “Stung?”


I needed to be back at the church for a scheduled 7:00 pm meeting tonight. I quickly made my way home by 5:20 pm to grab a bite to eat and spend some time with the family before retreating back to the workplace for the night.

My wife Julie was busy with Faith hanging some pictures on the wall of Faith’s newly painted and decorated room. Faith was having her first try at “hammer and nail.” Julie suggested I grab some leftovers from the previous night’s delectable dinner. I made my way to the kitchen and found the aforementioned leftover in the appropriate clear Tupperware container with the pale pink lid. No need to empty the contents onto a plate. Just dig it out of the ready-made pseudo bowl.

Clouds covered the usual clear sky, causing the temperature to drop to a very comfortable 95 degrees. (It’s a dry heat!!!) I asked my son Joshua if he would be willing to join me on the back balcony for some fascinating conversation while I ate dinner out of a Tupperware container.

His response was quick, decisive and very polite, “Thank you for the invitation Dad, but I am going to keep playing “Boom Beach” on Mom’s phone.”

I made my way through the sliding glass door and sat down on the green patio chair that swivels and rocks. To be totally candid, my son’s polite response and rebuff stung.


I am scared to ask this next question.
I believe that if I knew the answer my heart would sink so deep I would wallow in a depressed wasteland for weeks.

Here I go…
How many times has my heavenly Father asked me to join Him for some fascinating conversation and my response has been, “Thank you for the invitation God, but I am going to keep (you fill in the blank!)…..

How many times do I unconsciously or subconsciously or even blatantly say, “Thanks but no thanks” to the Father’s tender invitation to sit with Him ’round the proverbial campfire of conversation?

What on earth could possibly be more important than time spent with the Father of the universes and listen to His voice as He listens to the voice He created in me?

No one likes to get stung…even God.
Oh dear Lord, please take the “stinger” out of me as I carve out time and space to converse with you and others.
It’s going to be fascinating!

“Therefore, as the Holy Spirit says,
‘Today, if you hear his voice,

do not harden your hearts as in the rebellion,'” (Hebrews 3: 7-8)

Laugh often and Fear not!