#4 “The Third” – 25 Days of Christmas


Betrothed to be married, Joseph and Mary
A romance like tale fairy

Yet, before they slept as one in a bed
Mary comes back from a trip pregnant she said.

Joseph whose temper is said to be mild
Has two choices for his betrothed Mary with child

Death by stoning
Or divorce by disowning

An angel of the Lord came to say
“Do not fear, there might be another way

Take her home to marry
For the Savior, the Anointed One is in her womb to carry”

How grateful we are the absurd was heard
Saving the world, Joseph took alternative the third!

Laugh often and Fear not!


Today’s devotional is based on Matthew 1: 18-25

“25 Days of Christmas” – A 100 word daily devotional, counting down the days until the birth of the Newborn King!

Boy meets Girl…

My children’s elementary school celebrated twenty years of existence yesterday with a school wide Carnival.
We were getting ready to head out the door when Faith excitedly said, “I am meeting Caitlyn in the library at the Carnival.” Not to be outdone by his sister, Joshua quickly countered with, “I am meeting someone too at the library.” Faith’s natural follow-up question brought the crickets out in the room. “Who are you meeting?” Dead silence…

In realizing that he had spoken up just a little bit too quickly without thinking of the ramifications of the aftermath of such a pronouncement, Joshua bowed his head in determined silence so as not to reveal the name of his “Meet you at the library date.” I knew right away that it was a girl. Faith pressed for the name. Joshua could have easily bench pressed 350 pounds of clenched teeth to keep his silence. And so it went, back and forth like a ping pong match for the next few minutes. Joshua holding his ground. Faith, on the offensive to extract the identity of the would be date.

We arrived at the parking lot of the elementary school under threatening skies and Faith was first to jump out and greet another classmate by name. While Faith was distracted, I pulled Joshua over to the side. With one hand on his shoulder his big brown eyes looked up and met mine. “Who are you meeting at the library?” He said her name. He was a little embarrassed. He didn’t want his big sister giving him a hard time about it.

I smiled and my proud heart skipped a beat or two.
I put my arm around his shoulder…
He wrapped his arm around my hip…
We both walked with purpose…
We were on our way to the Carnival…
To the 20 year birthday celebration of Powell Elementary School.
I am not sure where Joshua’s mind was, but all I could think about as each step brought us one step closer to the school was…
Boy meets Girl!
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