My name is David Dendy and I am truly amazed that you have stopped by to visit Seeing God At Work Every Day

I have been blessed with a life that has spanned over half a century. Like a roller coaster, my life has had extreme highs, incredible dips, rapid revolutions and even a few corkscrews intertwined with gravity defying loops. What I have found to be the most intriguing part of the journey is that I follow a God who has made himself to be known through the person of Jesus Christ. In the midst of this roller coaster ride, Jesus chooses to sit next to me with his hands holding on for dear life as we both experience this white knuckle ride of a lifetime.

I have had the immense joy and privilege of being an ordained pastor for over 29 years.  I have worked within in the church, outside the church and everywhere else in between. I am here to say, contrary to popular belief among many Christians and secularists alike, God has never been more at work than He is today.

I currently serve the Mountain View Presbyterian Church as the Senior Pastor in Las Vegas, Nevada! If you are ever in Las Vegas, come on by, I would welcome the privilege of meeting you! (www.mviewpc.org)

I have been amazed over the years to hear from Christians and non-Christians alike that, “God is not a work anymore.”
I could not disagree more.
I have found it humbling and yet delightful to see God at work everyday.

On this website we will share the privilege of “Seeing God At Work Every Day!” 


Family on Blue Fence

I am privileged to be married to Julie, whose passion is to help people become whole, be it mentally, spiritually, emotionally or physically. She is the best Physical Therapist I know and she is currently working with those who suffer from neurological impairments. Her patience,  compassion and gentle touch are unmatched.

We have two precious children, Faith (11) and Joshua (11)! They are only five months apart in age. They both love to push each other’s buttons and watch the fireworks begin. And once the fireworks have fizzled they do actually love each other…

Together we do our best to exemplify, model and share the grace, mercy, forgiveness and love of Jesus with all whom we meet and encounter. Through those “everyday encounters” we have the complete joy of Seeing God At Work Everyday!

Laugh often and Fear not!



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  1. David, I am enjoying your book. In the evenings, I read it to my husband so can both benefit. I checked on the pastor who served my church. There is big sign in our church cemetary that lists all the pastors of Summerville Presbyterian Church. It was William Harper Dendy and his dates of service were 6-1-45 – 2-1-50. I am not sure why my parents talked about him since he left before we moved to Summerville, SC in July 1950. Anyway, it was a pleasure to meet you. God bless you, your family & your ministry. Patty Taylor

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