The Birds and The Bees

The first Thursday of the month of May!

It’s the National Day of Prayer today…
Take time to pray today!
Take time to pray every day!
Today I am thinking about the Birds and the Bees!!
From where I sit this morning I have witnessed two amazing phenomenas of nature…
The first one being a big oblong looking bumble bee flapping its little paper thin wings as fast as it can to stay suspended in mid-air. 
The second one watching a big bird (eagle, albatross, hawk, owl – it was big!!!) soar and I mean soar higher and higher in ascending circles without flapping its wings at all. 
Each of these two creatures were flying…
One using its own energy…
The other using the wind, the thermals and the air beneath its wings to propel it into higher orbit…
I believe the bird could soar all day long.
I believe the bee could fly for a long time before it would grow tired and have to land and rest.
All that leads me to ask this question…
Are you more bird or more bee when it comes to flying and soaring in the will of God?
Do you flap and flap and flap to create the life before you?
Do you spread your wings and let the power of God below you lift you up?
Do you feel the need to do a little of both (because God can’t be expected to do all the work!!)?
Watching this big bird soar today also reminded me that if there are no thermals, no winds and no updraft – the bird does not soar. 
The bird can only soar on that which God provides. 
The bird cannot manufacture the wind.
Neither can we…
We cannot manufacture God’s will, intentions or power.
Sometimes, ummmm…. Correct that. 
EVERY time we need to wait on the Lord.
Then and only then…
Will we soar!
“… but they who wait for the LOrd shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles…”(Isaiah 40:31)
Grace and peace, 
Laugh often and Fear not!

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