The Empty Chair – Part 2

The Empty Chair

The Empty Chair – Part 2

Twas the Christmas season when all through God’s house

The Angels, The Saints were all hurrying and scurrying.

No one and I mean no one was as quiet as a mouse!

Preparations for the Christmas festivities were all in full gear

The celebration of the Newborn King was drawing near.

Get out the plates, the goblets and the perfectly shined silverware

The fine linen napkins and the brightly colored tablecloths were being placed here, there, everywhere!

Ten gallon sized pitchers with wine, lemonade and Mountain Dew filled to the brim

For this party was over the top, there would be no need to skim

O the garnishes, O the party favors, O the decor

Nothing but the best, no less, no more!

The music filled every room, every corner of the heavenly air

with trumpets, guitars, organ, violins and even the drum snare

Praise, praise, praise as you have never heard here on this earth

Holy, holy, holy bellowed every instrument and voice for all they were worth

The Trinity of God the Father, God the Spirit and Jesus the Son

Were making their grand entrance for the feast of all feasts of Victory won.

Love filled every heart, Joy and Compassion on every face, Grace with every smile

Saints of all colors stretched for mile after mile

There was my granddaddy Dendy and his beautiful bride Nana, grandfather Paw Paw and grandmother Jerry

Beside them was my dad, Marshall, my dear friend Skip, Uncle Dallas and wouldn’t you know, there was my cousin Gary!

My birth Mom Betty Jean was one of the newest kids on the block

How long had she been there? No one really knew, there’s no timetable in heaven, and definitely no clock.

O and look over there, my nine week old friend Hannah Noel

Whose spirit was as bright and beautiful as a new shiny bell.

The list and the faces I see, I could go on and on long into the night

To tell you, to share with you their joy, their merriment and their sheer delight

A hush fell over this heavenly crowd, this gathering of glory

When Mary the Mother of Jesus got ready to tell “The Story.”

When all of a sudden there arose such a clatter

Everyone turned to see, what was the matter.

And then everyone burst out with such laughter and such glee

There was one more activity, one more item to set out for this Christmas Anniversary.

Everyone ran and ran with such deliberation, expectation and with such care

Each one returned to their table, with one extra, one empty chair!

With such clarity and with such purpose, room for the empty chair was made at every table

The reason behind this empty chair was not clear to me, the understanding of this rich tradition I was not able.

When along came an angel with a saint by his side

“Have a seat my son and let us tell you why the empty chairs sit at the table far and wide…”

We know the Christmas Season, this happy and special time of the year

Can be a time, a season of solace, an occasion of little or no cheer.

For as people gather to feast, and to celebrate – for some of us there sits the empty chair

There it sits, the empty chair upon where one of our dear loved ones used to bear.

And now all we can do is behold the emptiness of the chair and simply stare

With our emotions on our sleeves and our hearts flayed wide open and bare.

So… the tradition began in the kingdom of heaven’s glory

To give hope to the sometimes hopeless earthly empty chair story

Around the heavenly tables, yes there sit empty chairs

And yes, the great cloud of witnesses who have gone before, behold them but not with hopeless stares

For each of those chairs has a name of one far below

Who has not quite yet entered the heavenly, angelic flow

For each empty chair patiently waits to be filled

By one of you who trusts in the Lamb of God whose blood was spilled.

Eternal life to those is a gleeful, joyful, playful guarantee

With a 100% satisfaction warranty

Each stately chair with its high back, thick cushion and legs of four

Waits for the day when you will waltz in through heaven’s door

Take heart, fill your hearts with hope, love and grace

The loved one you miss sits at our heavenly table, they have taken their place

Food on the table, drink in their hand, surrounded by loved ones, smile on their face.

Do not worry and do not fret

Your heavenly seat has your name plate on it, you bet

The day will come, it won’t be long

The heavenly empty chair you will sit and sing your joyful song

Rest easy my friend, take comfort from the Savior’s care.

This Christmas, there is reserved just for you, the one, the only, heavenly Empty Chair!



Merry Christmas…




2 thoughts on “The Empty Chair – Part 2

  1. Good David:

    As always, thanks so much for sharing. Hope that all is well with everyone and that your love is felt my all of us. God Bless the Dendy Family. Merry Christmas. Carolyn & Koz

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