Twelve days Running!

Marathon, black silhouettes of runners on the sunset

Thursday’s Thoughts from Pastor David

Here we are, twelve days into the month of April and I am still basking in the afterglow of the glorious and redemptive act of the resurrection of Jesus from the dead.
From the cruel cross to the emancipated empty tomb, this is where we find the great juxtaposition of history.

One man’s (Jesus) willing pursuit and achievement to take on the sin of the world on the Cross –
our grief,
our loss,
our misconceptions,
our futile chasing after significance,
our dysfunction,
our abandonment of all things godly,
our internal struggle of shame,
and the list goes on and on (Believe me! My personal list goes on for another three or four pages… and that would be the Reader’s Digest version)

Jesus’ cross bearing of our sins leads to one surprising conclusion – The Empty Tomb!
Our futile chasing after significance,
Our dysfunction,
Our abandonment
Our “fill in the blanks”…
Leads to the unbelievable conclusion of an empty tomb…

The tomb should be filled with the bones of broken promises, empty promises, failed promises, shattered dreams and yet…
We find the tomb empty.
We find the tomb clean (as a whistle).
We find the tomb missing all of our failed pursuits.
We find the tomb EMPTY!

And yet, because of the emptiness we find the tomb full of promise!

The promise of no longer being weighed down by futile failures.

The promise of no longer being saddled with broken dreams and promises.

The promise of the beautiful aroma of joy and life!

The promise of freedom – for freedom Christ has set us free!
The promise of experiencing pure love, pure adoration, pure joy, pure freedom for the very first time…

Do as the disciples did on that first Easter Sunday.
They ran to the empty tomb because they couldn’t believe that it would be empty.
And then do what the women did on the that first Easter Sunday –
Run from the empty tomb with the joy of new life!

Run from the empty tomb filled with the joy of knowing God loves you!
Run from the empty tomb basking in the afterglow of God’s pursuit of you and your heart which knows no bounds, no limitations, no obstacles!

Here we are twelve days into the month of April!
Here we are twelve days after the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus!
Here we are twelves days later and I am still running…

How about you?
Won’t you run with me…

Laugh often and Fear not!

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