What’s your purpose?


The first Thursday of September!

What a great time to begin thinking about our “Purpose.”

Have you ever thought about your purpose on this earth?

In the early days of the Presbyterian Church a learning tool called the Westminster Shorter Catechism offered this as the first question:
What is the chief end of man?

Please remember this learning tool was crafted before “inclusive language” existed.

Basically, it was asking and is still asking to this day, “What is our purpose on this earth?”

What is your purpose?

To achieve?
To succeed?
To reign?
To control?
To criticize?
To keep the status quo?
To accomplish?
To please?
To relinquish?
To complain?
To cheer?
To encourage?
To love?
To offer?
To climb?
To go?
To laugh?

I love the Westminster Shorter Catechism’s answer:
“To glorify God and enjoy Him forever.”

That is a great purpose!
How about we try it our for awhile?

Laugh often and Fear Not


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