I can see clearly now… Well almost!

Eyeglasses and eye chart

Thursday’s Thoughts from Pastor David

In the summer of 1986 I served as a Chaplain on the cardiology floor (11th floor) of the Baptist Hospital, now called Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center.

One of my responsibilities was to go room to room and check in on patients, see how they were doing, pray with them and their families and offer any other kind of spiritual counsel and support.

I entered one room and saw the patient sitting upright in his bed as he was flanked by two gentlemen, who happened to be family members.

I introduced myself as being one of the “Ministers” in the hospital and we engaged in some friendly conversation for about five minutes. After a slight pause in our dialogue, the patient looked at me quizzically and said, “You’re awfully young to be one of the “Administrators” of the hospital.” (I was 23 years old at the time!)

I chuckled a little bit and clarified, “No sir. I am one of the ‘Chaplains’ in the hospital.”

His blank, deer in the headlights look alerted me to the fact he did not have the foggiest idea of the meaning of the word “Chaplain”. His two male family members were equally dazed in their confusion as to who this young man was standing at the foot of their family member’s bed.

Once again, I nervously chuckled, a little dazed myself as to how to explain my role and position. I tried once again. “I’m sorry sir. I am one of the ‘Pastors’ in the hospital.” As for his response, please refer to the previous paragraph.

At this point my chuckling to myself was reduced to a near panic attack as sweat popped out on my forehead, back of my neck and everywhere else pores allow moisture to seep through.

With mind racing, heart beating rapidly, and sweat pouring, I offered one last stab, “Sir, I am one of the ‘Preachers’ in the hospital.”

And with that, his eyes widened, his hands flew up in the air and he shouted, “I see who you are now!!” I think in my peripheral vision I saw his two male family members slap their knees in acknowledgement. I did not chuckle to myself. I laughed out loud at the joy of finally being on the same page with this gentleman!

Have you ever been in a position where you don’t see clearly at first?
Maybe you aren’t seeing clearly after two or three attempts.
Perhaps, life right now seems awfully fuzzy and out of focus altogether.

Fear not! You are in good company…

Some friends brought their blind friend to Jesus one day and begged Jesus to heal him. Jesus led the sightless man out of the village, spit on his eyes and asked him, “Well? Do you see now?”

I love the blind man’s response. “Well, yes I do. But the men I see look like trees walking.”
Sight slightly restored, the man still had trouble seeing.
Have you ever felt the touch of Jesus only to be left still seeing not so clearly?
Me too!

And here’s the kicker…
The man doesn’t leave Jesus.
And Jesus doesn’t leave the man.

Jesus touches the man’s eyes once again and “Voila”… the man sees clearly!

Perhaps Thursday’s Thought for the day is…
Don’t leave Jesus. Jesus has no plans to leave you.
If we stick with Jesus and allow His hands to continue to touch the eyes of our heart, we will start to see clearly!

Otherwise, we will live the rest of our days with a deer in the headlights look, not seeing the Savior for who he is.
I’m sticking around. How about you?

Laugh Often and Fear Not!




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