Lady Liberty

iWitness_July_Cover_for_KindleJuly 4th – An excerpt from my devotional book – “iWitness July” 

Lady Liberty

Back in the late 70’s… (the fact that we can remember back that far makes this story suspect from the start. Yet, I promise it is true to life as was told to me by my good friend Brian.)
My friend Brian made some type of All-American marching band. Their trip was a European tour which included a few stops behind the “Iron Curtain.”

Please remember that this was during the height of the Cold War between the Americans and the Russians.

While the band was marching their way through Czechoslovakia, Brian met a girl… a Christian girl. The girl told Brian how when she and her Christian friends wanted to meet for Bible study they had to be very secretive about it and would meet late at night under the cover of darkness and candlelight. At best, she confided, they could meet maybe once a week at different homes so as to keep their meetings at the highest level of secrecy.

After listening to her testimony, Brian in a rather nonchalant manner went on to tell her in the United States you could have Bible studies whenever and wherever you wanted with full publicity and without any level of secrecy.

The girl’s response haunts me to this day, “Wow… I bet you have Bible studies every day!!”

My iWitness…

Lady Liberty is a strange lady.
She’s always around within our borders.
Always by our sides.
Never leaves us, forsakes us or abandons us.

And yet… how many times have I forgotten what she looks like?
How many times do I turn my back on her while she quietly stands in the corner?
How many times have I taken her for granted, never fully appreciating her presence at every turn?

And then… there are days where we huddle, snuggle and walk hand in hand.
We embrace and I never want to let go.
I gaze upon her radiant face and I cannot take my eyes away from her penetrating gaze of freedom.

Today we celebrate Lady Liberty and all those who laid their life on the line to make sure she had a safe place to dwell.

May we protect her, enjoy her, honor her and love her as she so freely gives us the privilege and joy of worshiping our Lord without impingement, without fear and without delay.

As the Fireworks burst in mid-air tonight may each “boom” sound the voice of Freedom which Lady Liberty so frequently sings into our hearts.

Thank you Lord for Lady Liberty!
Let freedom ring…
Let freedom ring…

And may we never take the freedom to love and serve and worship our Lord for granted ever again…

And that’s my iWitness…
Laugh often and Fear not!

“For you were called to freedom, brothers. Only do not use your freedom as an opportunity for the flesh, but through love serve one another.” (Galatians 5. 13)

4 thoughts on “Lady Liberty

  1. As I sit here in the Colorado mountains, I see God at work every day. Your poem was beautiful and just right for the 4th. Many thanks!

    Sally Blackburn

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