Is it true “Variety is the Spice of Life?”

I love change.
Change can be a great motivator.

I love the spicy variety life brings day in and day out.
Spice it up is what I say!!

Consider this…
A lady came in to my office years ago and here was her plight…
“Every time I pull into the driveway, my stomach turns  topsy turvy.
I never know what I am coming home to…
Some days my husband is as sweet as candy.
Other days he is as sour as a lemon.

Some days he’s drunk, fast asleep.

Others, he is in full “let’s get it done” mode.
How sad it is, I prefer the days he’s drunk fast asleep.

Some days he’s verbally and physically abusive.

Other days, my arrival is met with complete silence.

David, I would love to know what I am coming home to each and every day…

Doesn’t sound like “variety” is adding the right kind of spices to this lady’s life.

This is one of (among many!) the things I love about God.


The Scripture is very clear on this:
“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.”

No guesswork…
No topsy turvy…
No surprises…

The grace, love, mercy…

The unfathomable care and unconditional love of yesterday

Are the same today…
Are the same tomorrow…

I don’t know about you…
But that sounds pretty spicy to me!

Laugh often and Fear not!


One thought on “Spicy

  1. I had a boyfriend back in college. His parents had just divorced and called him to tell him how awful the other parent was. His sister was depressed and often suicidal and he would have to talk her down when she was talking suicide. He told me how jealous he was of my letters from home that were full of mundane news (i.e. “the cat got sick and we had to take her to the vet” or “we have a new mailman”). I didn’t realize what a treasure having a solid, dependable family was.

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