Taffy or Teflon?

Salt Water Taffy 12

Are you made of Teflon or Taffy?

Teflon – a non-stick substance…

Taffy – Made by stretching or pulling a sticky mass of boiled sugar…

Using these two substances (work with me here!) which product, Teflon or Taffy would describe your interactions and your relationship building experience.

We meet people…

We get to know people…

We invest in people…

We laugh with people…

We struggle with people…

We make a decision to walk with people…

People have problems…

People have issues…

People come from dysfunctional families…

I will stop being obtuse…

When you encounter people are you Taffy (do you stick?) or are you Teflon (do you not stick) to the people with whom you have become involved.

Taffy or Teflon?

Which would you say?
Or are you Taffy with some and Teflon with others? And vice versa…?

Jesus tells a great story which is two-thirds Teflon and one-third Taffy.

It’s the story of the Good Samaritan.

Perhaps you have heard about it.

Jewish guy gets robbed and the daylights beat out of him and cast to the side of the road.

A religious leader walks up, crosses the road and walks right by him. Total Teflon!!!

Another religious leader walks up, crosses the road and walks right by him. Total Teflon!!!

A Samaritan guy, acknowledged social enemy of the Jewish guy, walks up bends over, picks the Jewish guy up, helps him to safety, pays for his night in a hotel and offers the innkeeper more money to take care of the Jewish guy until he is fit to return home. Total TAFFY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Think about this for a moment…

What people are you mostly Taffy with?
What people are you mostly Teflon with?

Have you ever given much thought as to why which is which?

What would happen if we all became Taffy with everyone we met?

What would happen if we all became Taffy with those who met us?

I just wonder…

All I know is God became incarnate in the person of Jesus to be totally TAFFY with humanity.

I am stuck on Jesus!
Jesus is stuck on me!

Looks like we are stuck with each other!
Sticky Taffy is pretty cool!

So is Jesus!

Laugh often and Fear not!


Room for one more?


Full ElevatorOne of my favorite experiments in life is riding an elevator.

I love pushing the up or down button.

The anticipation of waiting to see which elevator door is going to open from the bank of elevators is almost too much to handle sometimes.

The “ding” that my elevator has arrived only builds my anticipation.



The doors slowly start to open as I have quickly positioned myself front and center…

The doors part, my mind starts to race, my palms sweat, my pupils dilate to saucer like size,

Who is going to be on the elevator?
How many people will be crammed into the elevator?

What faces are about to greet me when the doors fully retreat into the side pockets?
Will there be room for me? Or will I have to wait for another elevator?

Just as a quick aside, I am always a little disappointed when the elevator car is empty.

Now comes the fun part!
Whether I am riding up or riding down, I always wonder how many stops will the elevator make before I get to my desired floor.

Once again the anticipation begins to build as the momentum of the moving elevator starts to slow to a stop.

The whole anticipation cycle repeats itself!!

The doors once again begin their slow retreat to the side pockets.

And yes, there they are!
The people who are waiting for the elevator are standing there front and center experiencing exactly the same thing I experienced just a minute or so before.

This is my favorite phrase while on the inside of the elevator with the doors open wide and people standing across the threshold…

“Come on in! There’s always room for one more!”

It never occurs to me to evaluate the race of the people, the morality of the people, how good or bad looking the people might be, the gender, the sexuality, the economic disposition, the accomplishments or the achievements of those who wait to enter…

I simply say, “Come on in! There’s always room for one more!”

I always say that! No matter how many people are in the elevator!

And guess what?

There always is…

My hope is the same can be said of our church and for our world and for you…

Laugh often and Fear not!

A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another: just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another. (John 13: 34)