On being a “Verb” in 2016


On Christmas Eve I shared a list of “Verbs” that I wanted to be and do in the New Year 2016. Here’s my list from A-Z! Let me encourage you to do the same! Be a verb in 2016. Don’t just be a noun! Nouns need verbs…

The Joy of Being a
Noun and a Verb in 2016

A to Z

Accept people for who they are and not for who they should be

Bend over backward to help people get closer to Jesus

Crave God’s word

Dive in/Dare to do something daring in 2016

Express my faith in ways that draw people closer to Jesus

Forgive and Fear not!

Give of my time, talent and resources

Hug, hug and hug some more!

Initiate conversations and relationships

Jump into life with both feet!

Kneel before the Lord in prayer…

Love and Laugh often!

Make someone’s day, every day!

Nurture other’s relationship with Jesus

Open my arms and heart

Pursue a deeper relationship with Jesus

Question, do not assume

Run to the problem, not run away

See God at work every day

Taste God’s presence and Trust God with everything

Understand people rather than seeking to be understood

Validate everyone as a child of God


Xecute plans, goals and dreams (Don’t execute people!!)

Yearn for deeper relationships with God and others

Zamboni people!! Take their chips and divots and smooth them out with the living water of the Holy Spirit

Laugh often and Fear not!


One thought on “On being a “Verb” in 2016

  1. Thanks for writing my resolutions for me. Of course, that gives you the responsibility of praying for me as I strive to practice them!

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