#16 “The Force” part 2 – 25 Days of Christmas


The very presence of Jesus, even as an infant divides the world around Him.

The Wise Men are a force of good.

King Herod brings with him the force of all that is evil.

Ego threatened
King Herod lied to the Wise Men

King Herod would rather:
Wring than Worship
Mow down than Bow down
Persecute than Praise
Crush than Cradle the Christ

King Herod “killed all the male children in Bethlehem and in all that region who were two years old or under.”

When Jesus shows up,
So will the opposing force
Get ready!

Spoiler alert…
Jesus wins!

Laugh often and Fear not!


Today’s devotional is based on Matthew 2: 1-16

“25 Days of Christmas” – A 100 word daily devotional, counting down the days until the birth of the Newborn King!

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