#3 “Forty-Two” – 25 Days of Christmas


Fourteen plus fourteen plus fourteen equals… 42

That’s how many generations separate Abraham from Jesus.

If you have ever wondered “Who are your people?”

Check out Jesus’ people.

They were all part of the lineage of the Messiah, the Anointed One

There’s good folks, bad folks, kings, murderers, prostitutes, liars, cheaters, faithful, unfaithful, functional, dysfunctional, run of the mill types and more…

How about your lineage?

Probably looks a lot like Jesus’…

Ordinary and yet, extraordinary.

What’s most important is not, “Who are your people?” as much as…

“Whose are your people?”

May we be first and foremost God’s people!

Laugh often and Fear not!


Today’s devotional is based on Matthew 1: 1-17

“25 Days of Christmas” – A 100 word daily devotional, counting down the days until the birth of the Newborn King!


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