Do you believe in miracles? Yes…!!!

Do you remember where you were on February 22, 1980?
For some of you the answer is a definite “YES!”
For others, you may not have even been born. It was indeed over thirty-five years ago…

With the backdrop of tensions at their zenith of the Cold War between the USA and the Soviet Union, the college age boys of the United States of America Olympic Men’s Hockey Team took on the tougher, stronger, bigger, older, professional and more experienced team of the USSR (Soviet Union) in a semi-final game, where the winner would advance to the Gold Medal game of the 1980 Winter Olympics held in Lake Placid, New York.

Not two weeks before the USSR had crushed and annihilated the USA in a pre-Olympic exhibition game. The odds of the USA team pulling out a win not only seemed improbable, it was going to be downright impossible.

USA Coach Herb Brooks gave an inspiring pre-game speech. “You were born for this..” was his theme and the boys didn’t disappoint…

Listen to Al Michaels iconic call of the last minute of what has been dubbed, “The Miracle on Ice.”

Do you believe in miracles???? YES!!!


Do you know where you were on Sunday, October 25, 2015?
It was just two days ago…

I was in Las Vegas, Nevada…
My niece’s husband Joe was driving in the dark back to Virginia from Florida in his jeep alone with their sixteen month old daughter Scarlett in the car seat on I-95 when all of a sudden a deer darted out onto the interstate. Joe struck the deer head on and in the process the jeep ran off the road and began to flip multiple times down into a ravine.

Joe suffered two collapsed lungs and is currently in ICU recovering. Please pray for him.

But what about Scarlett…
Scarlett, while strapped into her car seat was ejected from the jeep.
Guess where she landed?
Right on the side of the Interstate, sitting straight up…

It wasn’t until the morning sun rose and shined light on this precious little cargo did someone finally see Scarlett and thus found Joe down in the ravine unconscious.
Evidently, Scarlett landed on some fire ants and got bitten quite a bit, but other than that, she is smiling, laughing, eating and doing just fine.

We are calling it, “The Miracle on I-95”

Do you believe in Miracles? YES!!!!

Praise be to God…Yes we do…
How bout you?

“Remember the wondrous works that he has done, his miracles…”(Psalm 105: 5)

Laugh often and Fear not!

One thought on “Do you believe in miracles? Yes…!!!

  1. Oh David, I held my breath and said a little pray before reading what happened to Joe and Scarlett…..PTL Yes I believe in miracles too… blessings to your family

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