One Single Keystroke…

My wife Julie is perhaps the most organized person I have ever met. Everything in its place and a place for everything. Her computer files are no different.
She has multiple files in her email account for a host of various things, from cleaning products to devotionals to popular authors (I am waiting for my name to be added to the list!!).
Last night I was watching the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament (aka March Madness) while Julie was organizing and cleaning up some files.
All of a sudden her face became all scrunched up and the words “oh no” escaped her lips like they were in slow motion. Everything sort of became “slow motion” as if watching some sort of train wreck. “Oh no” once again rushed out signaling what was thought to be an impending train wreck was indeed a massive pile up of train cars spilling every which way all over the track.
All of her email files had been deleted with “One Single Keystroke…”


I made my way over to the other couch to look over her shoulder…
The cursor on the screen hovered over the “Personal” file folder…Zero messages!
The cursor quickly made its way down to the “Business” file folder… Zero messages!
The cursor quickly made its way down to the “Devotional” file folder… Zero messages!

And so this frantic moving of the cursor continued over and over with the same result in EVERY file folder!
Every email message… GONE!
I mean… gone, bye-bye, see ya, adios, and don’t let the door hit ya on the behind on the way out!

Did you know God has a “Delete” button when it comes to our shortcomings, our mistakes, our mess ups, our hang ups, our sins?

It’s called Forgiveness…

Check this out…
We all have tons of file folders for our sins…
Judging others
And the list goes on and on…

And here’s the remarkable, literally mind blowing fact…
When we ask God for forgiveness, He erases every file folder of sin with:


For I will be merciful toward their iniquities,
    and I will remember their sins no more.” (Hebrews 8: 12 ESV)

“I, I am he
    who blots out your transgressions for my own sake,
    and I will not remember your sins. (Isaiah 43: 25 ESV)

Find that hard to believe?
Yeah, me too…
But, it’s true!
The file folders are empty, the weight of the burden has been relieved!
We are forgiven!
We are free!
We have a God who remembers our sins no more…all because of one single keystroke called the cross..

Laugh often and Fear not!

ps – Now, if we could only find Julie’s files…

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