You will not believe…

Her eyes were fixed.
Her gaze intense.
She had me in the crosshairs of her focus.
She had found me at the reception standing up against a wall actively engaged in conversation with a friend.
Her steps were deliberate.
Her approach was straight and direct.
Our eyes met, we smiled knowingly toward one another.
With a smooth, matter of fact motion she stuffed a square envelope into my side pocket on my suit jacket.
Four syllables escaped from her smiling face… “Read it later.”
And then we hugged and caught up as friends do that haven’t seen each other in several years.


Hours later…
after the eating,
after the greetings,
after the meetings
I reached into my pocket and read the card…
On the outside – 13 pre-printed words in black ink…
On the inside – 76 handwritten words in blue ink…

The outside of the card read like this:

You will not believe
how glad I am
that I have met you

My heart skipped a beat. My lungs took a deeper breath. My pulse quickened. My eyesight blurred as tears filed my eyes.
I read the words over again in stunned and moving silence – You will not believe how glad I am that I have met you

Inside the card the flowing penmanship of blue ink offered seventy-six words of gratitude, expressions of thankfulness, thoughts of care and grace.

How long do you think this act of grace and care and love will last with me?
The answer is: FOREVER!

I wonder how often God slips in a note of appreciation in our pockets…(some of which might go unnoticed for days, months and sometimes years…)

David, you will not believe…
How glad I am that I know you and that you know Me.
How thrilled I am to hear your voice.
How fun it is to plan your life and watch your dreams come true.
How rewarding it is to have you invite me to be a part of your day.
How comforting it is to know that you rest in Me.

David, you will not believe…
The loving sacrifice My Son made on your behalf.
The place I am preparing for you.
The joy that awaits you each day.
The love that enfolds you every moment.
The grace that flows like a never ending stream.

David, you will not believe…
The mercy that is more abundant than the stars in the sky
The power of love that is more majestic than the crashing waves of the Pacific Ocean.
The vastness of My goodness that stretches farther than the deserts, the prairies and the plains west of the mighty Mississippi river.
The lengths, the heights, and the depths that I will traverse to show you how much I love you!

David, you will not believe…

How about you?

Will you believe?

For I am sure that neither death nor life, nor angels nor rulers, nor things present nor things to come, nor powers, nor height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord. (Romans 8. 38-39 ESV)

Laugh often and Fear not!

ps – Thank you to my dear friend who took the time to write 76 uplifting words that truly lifted up my spirits and my soul! May we be inspired to offer the same gift to someone today…

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