That’s Life

Her eyes literally twinkle
Her smile flashes with such white brilliance you might think you have been hit by a meteor shower.
Her petite frame is bigger than life itself and on top of her head is a mane of golden brown hair that is thicker than molasses and bounces with ease.

It’s been a couple of years since I have laid eyes on this bright cheery personality of a friend of mine.
I saw a post from her on Facebook the other day and there she was…
Eyes twinkling!
Smile showering a brilliant flash of “white!”
And her head was covered with what looked like peach fuzz.
She was bald.

Two words…
Breast cancer!


I picked up the phone right away.
We talked for close to an hour.
She described in detail…
The diagnosis…
The shock…
The denial…
The tears…
The decisions that had to be made right away…
The surgery…(Twenty-eight days after diagnosis)
Double mastectomy…
The recovery…
The waiting…

There was one thing she said that stood out above the rest…
We were talking about all of the ups and downs of the past three and half months, the highs and the lows, the anxiety and the peace, the fear and the comfort, the denial and the acceptance and then she said this, “But, David, really, all in all, that’s life.”

Two words…
“That’s life…”

How true…
One of my favorite songs these days is by Danny Gokey called, “This is what it means.”

Listen to these powerful words…

Sometimes the joy can give you wings to fly
Sometimes the pain will cut you so just like a knife
There’s fear, there’s faith, there’s loss, there’s grace
I’ve seen it from both sides
This is what it means to be alive, alive
This is what it means to be alive

This is what it means to be alive…
That’s life.

Just this week I have talked with:
A mom who is celebrating her son getting married
An aunt whose seventeen year old nephew is being buried today
A gifted worship leader who does not have a church home
A family celebrating their son’s ninth birthday
A daughter who loves having her dad visit from out of town
A pastor who hasn’t served a church in three years and is dying to do so once again
A business owner whose business is booming

Dear friends…That’s life!

Were we expecting something different?
I love what Jesus says about the “life” He offers to us…
“I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” (John 10. 10 ESV)

Yes, that’s life.
There’s fear, there’s faith, there’s loss, there’s grace…
With Jesus there’s two words…
“Abundant life…”

Laugh often and Fear not!


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