Come Home…

I was driving my children to school this morning, taking the same route that I always do.
I missed one turn.
I almost missed the next one…
I was physically in the car with my wife Julie, my daughter Faith and my son Joshua, but my mind was a thousand miles away wondering about something that was completely taking up my available brain capacity and ultimately had nothing to do with the present company.

Sitting at the traffic light that I wasn’t supposed to be sitting at my memory remembered a line that I must have heard a hundred times just hours before in the premiere of the movie, “American Sniper.”

“Come home…”


“American Sniper” is a well directed, well acted, well done movie.

A theme that runs throughout the movie is the idea of “being present” while “being home.” Chris Kyle, the main character “comes home” on four different occasions after being deployed to Iraq.

But he doesn’t…
Physically, he is at home…
Mentally, emotionally, spiritually, professionally he is half a world away…

Upon returning to the battlefield his brother in arms open their arms and exclaim, “Welcome home!”
Indeed he is…

Where are you today?
Not physically…
But, where is
Your mind?
Your being?
Your thoughts?
Your dreams?
Your spirit?
Your soul?

My all time favorite story in the Bible is the Parable of the Prodigal Son.
It’s a story of two sons.
One son, the younger son takes his share of his father’s inheritance and goes off and squanders it on fast women, fast cars while living in the fast lane.
The other son, the elder brother stays close at home, dutifully doing his daily duties.

The younger son comes to himself in such a way so as to realize the errors of his bankrupt ways and remembers the love and grace of his father.
He is in a distant land but his mind, his thoughts and his passion can be found in one place – home.
“Come home” is the voice he hears and he returns to a father who jumps off the front porch and runs and embraces and kisses him and throws him a festive party.

Everyone attends…
Except the elder brother.
He’s mad at the younger brother and even madder at his father for throwing a party to the rebel when he, all along was at “home” doing all the right things and “Why didn’t you ever throw me a party?” becomes his complaint to his father.

The father says, “Son, you are always with me (home), and all that is mine is yours.” (Luke 15. 31 ESV).

Does the stark difference between the two brothers knock you off your feet?

One is physically away when he realizes where the home of the father’s love is while the other is physically at home but far, far, far away from understanding and realizing the father’s love.

I have just one question…

Where are you today?

Whether you are near or far, perhaps you will hear the Father’s tender voice say two of the most precious words we can hear today…

“Come home…”

Laugh often and Fear not!

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