A Holy Kiss

His lips are luscious…
His lips are tender…
His lips are sweet to the touch…
His lips are pure and innocent…
And when they press against mine there is a connection that cannot, will not ever be broken.
A dad kissing his son…on the lips
The son kissing his father…on the lips
A Holy Kiss


Everyday I kiss my nine year old son, Joshua.
Everyday Joshua kisses his fifty one year old dad, me.
It is a holy time.
It is a holy kiss.
It doesn’t last long.
It’s not intended to.
It’s a connection point…
A father telling his son, “I love you.”
A son telling his father, “I love you too.”

Joshua and I kiss each other willingly.
Out of coercion? No…
Out of complete trust? Yes…
Joshua knows that I love him.
I look out for him.
I want the best for him.
Joshua knows that I will not betray him.
It is out of great love that I kiss my son Joshua…
It is out of the only love Joshua knows that he kisses me…

I can’t help but wonder…
How much longer will it last?
Until the innocence is gone…
Until the peer pressure grabs him…
Until the awareness that other kids don’t kiss their dads on the lips…
Until the day arrives where he turns his face and all I get is his loving cheeks, if that…

For “today” our greeting is A Holy Kiss!

How about you?
Four times the Apostle Paul encourages us to “greet one another with a holy kiss.”

How will you greet people today?
Most of us who read this post will indeed have been betrayed, sucker punched, abused, discounted, demeaned and disparaged at some point in our life.
As a consequence we greet each other with cynicism, doubt, caution, distrust, tolerance, and a sense of “holding back” and/or “holding out.”

Jesus gets it…
Twice Jesus is kissed in the recording of his life and mission.
The first time a woman kissed his feet to honor him, to show her love for him. A beautiful breath taking display of love and affection. Truly A Holy Kiss!
The second and last time Jesus was kissed was by a man named Judas who had come to “out” Jesus to his captors. A damning breath taking display of betrayal and treason. Not a holy kiss.

I am wondering what would happen today if the people we greeted were greeted with “A Holy Kiss…”

Not a literal kiss on the lips, although that would be permissible (if consensual!!)…
But rather what would happen if we greeted people with…

It might just be like giving the whole world one gigantic “Holy Kiss!”
The world needs one right about now, don’t you think?
Come to think of it…
Maybe you need one too…

Laugh often and Fear not!



2 thoughts on “A Holy Kiss

  1. Ok – I’ll dispense with my normal sarcasm….when I was young in my career, we were invited over to my Division Manager’s house in Charlotte for dinner. In those days, a DVM was a lesser god – an icon in the organization. After dinner, his two young teenage boys came down to say hello and goodnight, and I’ll never forget my DVM shamelessly – in front of the group of 20 or so – hug and kiss both of his boys. I was so impressed at the honest and open display of affection and love, and promised to do that with my children. To this day, I kiss my boys on the head with a tight hug, and hug and kiss my daughter. My eyes are tearing as I write it, because it’s exactly what you described above – holy….

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