The Night Before…

Mary and Joseph make the long journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem. Probably took them four to seven days to make the 70 mile trek…maybe shorter, maybe longer. They cannot find any room in any of the hotel, motel, hostels. Then…
Jesus is born!
The Angelic host break out into a joyous chorus of “Glory to God in the highest.”
Shepherds are amazed and afraid at the sight of an army of angels making their appearance in the night time sky.
Cattle are lowing, sheep are bleeping (or whatever sheep do)…
The Wise Men are still months and months away from arriving on this surreal scene of the savior being born.
Mary and Joseph bask in exhaustion from the journey, the labor, the delivery and the wonder of it all.
And I cannot help myself to wonder aloud…
What was going on…
The Night Before?


I wonder what the night life looked like in Hawaii the night before December 7, 1941?

Was Western Europe wondering if it would ever be free the night before June 6, 1944?

What was my mom and my birth mom thinking and doing the night before March 5, 1963?

Was America really like Camelot the night before November 22, 1963?

Did people still “have a dream” for civil rights the night before April 4, 1968?

How far gone were American’s trust in the office of the President the night before August 9, 1974?

Did anyone get a letter with “Return to Sender” on it the night before August 16, 1977?

In my senior year in high school I used to be able to “imagine” the night before December 8, 1980…

I slept like a baby in a Hampton Inn in room 336 near the airport in Cleveland, Ohio the night before September 11, 2001…

Each “night before” took place before an historic event that literally changed our world.
Tonight is the night before we celebrate the birth of Jesus.
Will our world be changed tomorrow?
I wonder…
For now…it’s simply The Night Before…

Laugh often and Fear not!


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