Trail Running

There is something very exhilarating about running on a trail.
The course is not paved.
The trail has dips and
gulleys and
bumps and
blips and
fissures and
snake tracks and
deer tracks and
bear tracks and… you get the idea

An important lesson from trail running is this… if you want to get down the trail in the most efficient manner…Watch every step!

However, the most important lesson from trail running is this… Listen now…

If you want to enjoy the trail on which you are traversing, you must, you have to, you are required to stop and look around.

It is impossible to enjoy the scenery, the aroma, the views and the majesty of the trail while you are running and watching and inspecting every step with your eyes cast down.


Only nine more days until Christmas
That’s at most 216 more hours on the trail until we hit the tape at the finish line of this season we call Advent.
If you are like most people you are watching every step on the trail…
Mailing Christmas cards…
Getting the shopping done early…
Opening the windows on the Advent Calendar with each passing day…
Attending the Christmas Parties…
Counting down the days until you get a day or two off…
Getting ready to travel…
Getting ready to receive travelers…
Singing Christmas Carols in the car…
Going to church…

These are all important steps on the Advent Trail.
But…(And that is one big BUT!)

If we don’t stop… and I mean STOP
I’m not talking about “slowing down.”
I’m talking about “STOPPING.”

If we don’t stop…
We will miss the greatest present of all…
The “presence” of that which we are enjoying on the Advent Trail of life, the very “presence” of God who can point out to us the very things which will touch our hearts in ways unimaginable that makes the journey, the trail all worthwhile as we sojourn to see the Messiah, the Anointed One, the Prince of Peace, the Beloved Son of God…Jesus.

“Be still and know that I am God.” (Psalm 46. 10)

Laugh often and Fear not!



3 thoughts on “Trail Running

  1. Great job David. As always, I really enjoy the insights that you share with us daily. Keep up the good work and look forward to what 2015 brings. I promise to STOP and look around and enjoy what all God has prepared.

  2. Another great one, David. Seems these always come along at just about the right time for me, when I need them most! Thanks again!

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