The Bus and the Backpack

It’s a routine ritual that repeats itself every day… Monday through Friday.
It’s one of those routines that will never find itself turning into a rut.
Around 3:30 in the afternoon the school bus on route 3172 comes bustling down the street with a “busload” of children.
At “our” corner some 12-15 kids “de-bus” into the waiting and loving arms of their moms along with the one dad – me!

And then it happens…
Almost subconsciously…
Almost without active thought…
Almost like poetry in motion…
Joshua descends the steps from the bright yellow school bus while the sedentary lady bus driver who wears driving gloves sits in the backdrop…
Seamlessly, Joshua removes his “heavy, heavy” backpack into my waiting arms and in one swift motion Joshua’s backpack is transferred onto my back.
Fifteen seconds later Faith descends the steps from the bright yellow school bus while the sedentary lady bus driver who wears driving gloves sits in the backdrop…
The pattern that took place fifteen seconds earlier repeats itself with Faith’s purple pack… Quickly, effortlessly, joyfully her backpack ascends my long arm to sit squarely and securely on my broad shoulders.
Faith’s backpack nestles up next to Joshua’s to give a Siamese twins look.
We walk home…
Excuse me…
I walk home…
Faith and Joshua skip and run effortlessly all the way home as the backpack that burdened them bears weight on them no longer…

The truth of this daily routine is plain for all to see…
The father (me) cannot take the weight of the burdensome backpacks from his children (Faith and Joshua) until they get off the bus…


The backpack cannot weigh more than five or eight pounds. But to Faith and Joshua, the backpacks are so heavy!!
The burden of the backpack is light to my 208 pound buff (LOL!) frame.

As I mentioned before…I cannot take the backpacks until they get off the bus.
Are you riding any buses lately?
Same route?
Same destination over and over and over again?
Carrying the same baggage and backpack around and around and around again?

The bus is a nice place.
Comfortable seats.
Or, at least seats that you have gotten used to sitting (residing) in.
Nice people are close by in their respective seats.
(Just a side note… hanging out with people stuck on the same bus day in and day out might not be the best thing)
In fact, the bus driver seems like a very nice person…

How many corners have you passed with Jesus standing there patiently and expectantly waiting for you to get off the bus…so that He can joyfully take your burdens…and give you rest…so that you can freely run with a skip in your step?

Here’s the word of the day…

Get off the bus!

Jesus says, “Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” (Matthew 11. 28)

Laugh often and Fear not!

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