Pots and Pans

I have spent the past few days trying to resolve an issue with my Apple ID on my iPhone.
As of this writing it is still not resolved.
I was chatting online with “Support” at Apple and the “consultant” I was typing back and forth with realized after a few minutes that my problem was above his “pay grade.”
He politely typed into the “chat box” that he would be transferring me over to his supervisor who would call me by phone. After a couple of minutes of patiently waiting he informed me that his system was not working properly to transfer me to his supervisor.  He then offered these words…

“Guess that’s the story of my life, nothing really pans out as I wish.”

Seeing God At Work Everyday

Where were you fifteen years ago today?
On September 28th, 1998 where were you living?
What was your occupation?
Who were you married to?
How many kids did you have?
How was your health?
What were your plans?
What were your hopes and dreams?

Answer the same questions for
Where were you ten years ago on September 28, 2004?
Where were you five years ago on September 28, 2009?
Where are you today?

Has anything “panned” out the way you wished or thought that they would?
How do you feel about how life has turned out thus far?

I am reminded of this great verse …

We can make our plans,
    but the Lord determines our steps. (Proverbs 16. 9 NLT)

Are you comforted by these words or terrified by them? Or somewhere in between?

I know more people whose lives have not panned out the way they thought they would versus the number of people whose lives turned out exactly the way they thought they would twenty to thirty years ago. (or even five years ago for that matter)

I also know a large number of people whose lives have offered to me great significance and incredible spiritual purpose for the sole reason that their lives did not pan out the way they thought it would or wished

What does that say about our lives?
What does that say about God?

Here’s my take…
I’ll take care of the pots
I’ll let God take care of the “pans.”

Laugh often and Fear not!


ps – I would love to hear from you on whether or not your life has “panned” out the way you thought it would…
Feel free to leave a comment in the “Leave a Comment” box or email me at David@seeinggodatworkeveryday.com

Family Reunion

Did you hear about the Spirit family reunion last week?

The Spirit family has done this every year for the last 40 years. This year was no different. On a warm Saturday afternoon with bright blue skies, big poofy marshmallow looking white clouds intermittently filled the sky while the family gathered at the local park in a north Florida town where old fashioned charcoal grills were doused with lighter fluid as the black Kingsford coals started the slow journey toward ashen gray, ultimately sizzling and licking the underside of burgers and hot dogs. The atmosphere was bucolic as balloons were tied to the pavilion pillars, the aroma of Sarah Spirit’s special potato salad filled the air and rainbow colored streamers securely tied to the tree branches waved “hello” to all the family members.

In the middle of it all, there sat Sarah, the beaming sixty-eight year old proud matriarch of this gathering of at least 75, the largest gathering ever at the annual celebration of family. This year her six children, Kaleb (51), Kylie (49), Johnathon (48), Destiny (45), Brandon (44) and Alanna (40 and 2 months) pitched in and presented Sarah with a beautiful, classic white wooden rocking chair. And there she sat, in the middle of it all, green grass, shady 100 year old live oaks, warm breeze – 6 children, 6 son and daughter-in-laws, 16 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren.

Sarah rocked and Ellie-Mae, the oldest granddaughter leaned over rubbing noses with her “Spree-Ma”. Sarah’s eyes twinkled as they giggled while Sarah’s well worn hands gently caressed Ellie-Mae’s tummy which would soon produce great granddaughter number 5. Ellie-Mae is going to name great granddaughter #5 after the lady she admires, respects and loves so much – Sarah…

Did you hear about the Spirit family reunion last week?
Neither did I…
And neither did you…
The Spirit family reunion that I was predicting would happen 40 years from now will never take place…
Because Sarah Spirit’s father Don shot and killed her and her six precious children in their home before shooting himself last week…

Seeing God At Work Everyday

I have found over the years that Jesus is a man of his word.
When he says, “There will be trouble in this world,” I believe him.
When he says, “I am with you always, even to the end of the age,” I believe him.

And so in the midst of this terrible, horrifying, mind stripping, troubling tear inducing act, I believe Jesus on both fronts.
This is troubling! And as I sit at my computer and as you sit at yours, this troubles me to no end in the senselessness and tragedy of it all.
And yes, I believe that Jesus was with
Sarah (28)
Kaleb (11)
Kylie (9)
Johnathon (8)
Destiny (5)
Brandon (4)
Alanna (2 months)
And yes, I believe that Jesus was with Don, the father. That’s a hard sentence to write much less believe. Jesus didn’t pull the trigger. But why Jesus didn’t keep Don from pulling the trigger is a mystery far beyond my scope of understanding and comprehension.

Did you hear about the Spirit family reunion last week?
Sarah watched with a gleam that her eyes had never experienced before as she and her six children, count em, six, sat on the lap of Jesus and giggled and squealed and basked in the glory of the Son of the One who is the Light of Light and King of Kings as they sang together with one voice…

“Jesus loves the little children
All the children of the world
Red and yellow, black and white
They are precious in His sight
Jesus loves the little children of the world”

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 19. 14)

Let them come… let them come

Laugh often and Fear not!


Out of Position

Driving home in the car…
After flag football practice…
Dad in the front seat…
Son in the back seat…
Only Joshua’s eyebrows and eyes can be seen by Dad in the rear view mirror…
Sweat rolls down Joshua’s forehead as he peers out the window, taking in…only he knows..

The drive is quiet after the initial, “Great practice! I saw you throw that touchdown pass. So proud of you!”

With the water bottle tightly gripped by his little hands the little boy’s ever so sweet and familiar little voice breaks the silence…
Big Bold words…

“I don’t like the position I am playing…The coach has me at fullback. I want to be the wide receiver or the quarterback.”

Seeing God At Work Everyday

Ever been “out of position?”

I received a text message today from a dear friend who’s “out of position.”
She’s a widow…
She’s had a few unsuccessful relationships…
She’s lonely and alone…
In her words…”I like having a relationship, the give and take. I miss that so much. I miss being an old married woman.”

Ran into a man today who’s disposition was “out of position.”
Seems like the water fountain by the weight room at the local YMCA wasn’t producing “cold” enough water…
He was demanding “COLD” water… snow cap type cold water flowing down a stream in the Rocky mountains…
Room temperature was oh so last century or two ago.
The comment card on which he pressed the pen down so hard with his very deliberate dis-satisfactory comments was his sixth such comment card according to the lady behind the desk…

Out Position of…
Of Position Out…
Those words I just typed are “out of position.”

Have you ever been “out of position?”

Dysfunctional relationship?
Wrong title on the door to your office?
Mental and Emotional state wrapped up in the fetal position?
Desiring a different social circle?
Envying the likes of someone else’s tax bracket?
Successful life and just wondering, “Is there something more out there that I missed out on?”
Longing for extra cold water to come out of the water cooler?!!
The “out of position” list could go on forever…

The apostle Paul encourages us to be “content in whatever state” we find ourselves in…
I’m in Texas, largest state in the lower forty-eight. I’m pretty content…
What state are you in? Are you content?

How bout some “old English” to get you “out of position today?”
“Not that I speak in respect of want: for I have learned,
in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content.” Philippians 4. 11

Several questions leak out of my brain on to this page…
What position am I in?
Can I change that position?
Am I supposed to change that position?
What position would I like to be in?
What position does God want me to be in?
How will I know when I get to the “right” position?
Am I really supposed to be content with this present position?
What if there is a new position right around the corner?

Leaky questions like this make a mess…
Guess I better get out of this present position of sitting in this mess
And get into the proper position of kneeling…

Perhaps once I am kneeling I will no longer be…
Out of Position

Laugh often and Fear not!

Mr. Mom

Remember this classic scene from the movie, “Mr. Mom”?

Jack Butler, played by Michael Keaton is an engineer with the Ford Motor Company in Detroit, Michigan who has been laid off from his job. His wife, Caroline, played by Terri Garr finds full time employment with an ad agency which means Jack has just become, “Mr. Mom.”

Jack finds that managing the household, full of three kids is much more difficult than he originally thought. I love the scene depicted above where Jack has found yet another useful way to use the hand blower!

Yesterday, I experienced my first stint as a Volleyball coach for my daughter’s YMCA volleyball team which consists of eight young girls whose ages span 2nd through 4th grade.

After the match (which we won!!!) Julie and I were visiting with the mother of a girl that our daughter Faith has recently befriended. The two moms were exchanging phone numbers and we began talking about how long we had been in Houston. The other mother looked at me and politely asked, “What do you do?”

I should have been better prepared for the question. I found myself hesitating, sweat beading on my forehead, eyes shifting to Julie and then back to the other mother until I finally blurted out, “I’m Mr. Mom.”

Seeing God At Work Everyday

Why is that we, as men especially, find our identity in what we “do” professionally?
At the present time I am waiting, discerning, looking, waiting, praying, did I mention “waiting” to find a position back in the local church as a full time pastor.
And yet, when I am politely asked, “What do you do?” my first response is to offer an answer that is tied to the title of a cute comedy movie that hit the theaters over thirty-one years ago.

What do I do?
I pray…
I read…
I fill and empty the dishwasher…
I make sure that I am at the bus stop at 3:25 pm everyday to make sure that my children have a safe escort home…
I provide snacks…
I am an expert elementary word speller…
I used to be an expert in math problems until the “common core” math came out…
I do a blog…
I am writing a book…

I guess I do a lot of things but for some reason my identity in who I believe I am is not found in the above list.
Why is that?

How thankful I am that God does not identify me by what I do or by what I don’t do.
God identifies us with three simple words…

Children of God!

See what great love the Father has lavished on us,
that we should be called children of God!
And that is what we are!
(1 John 3. 1)

Perhaps I will be better prepared next time the question comes up…
How about you?
What do you do?

Laugh often and Fear not!