Worrier to Warrior


Thursday’s Thoughts from Pastor David

This Thursday’s Thoughts has me very worried!!
I am worried no one will read it.
I am worried I will make grammatical errors.
I am worried I won’t get it done in time.
I am worried about how I look as I write.
I am worried about the safety of the Loch Ness Monster.
I am worried about the recent sighting of Big Foot.
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Faith or Fear


We are halfway through the month of September and that marker just so happens to land on a Thursday!

Which can only mean one thing: It’s time for Thursday’s Thoughts from Pastor David.

The church I am blessed to serve, Mountain View Presbyterian Church (MVPC) is on a 90 day trek through the Bible!

“The Bible in 90 Days” is our rallying cry as we encourage one another to pursue a deeper relationship with the Author of Life, the Lord God Almighty by reading His word, His entire word over the next 90 days!

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Labor of Love


Hello September!!
We look forward to the beginning of fall this month as the ninth month of the year begins ushering in cooler temperatures bringing with them a crispness in the air…

This weekend is Labor Day Weekend!
Shouldn’t it be called “Rest Day Weekend” since we are supposed to take a “day off from laboring?”

My mind got to thinking about “labor” the other day and we will address the issue of “labor” this Sunday at church…

“What are we laboring for?”
“What are we laboring against?”
“What are we laboring to…?”

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28 Years of Being the Reverend

Dendy professional 2014
28 Years of Being the Reverend

Twenty-eight years ago on this day, August 28, 1988 in the presence of family and friends at the Reid Memorial Presbyterian Church in Augusta, Georgia, with the Reverend Dr. G. Daniel McCall preaching, I was ordained in the Presbyterian Church of the United States of America as a Minister of Word and Sacrament.

I have been known as the Reverend David W. Dendy for the last 28 years…

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The Valley and the Mountain Top


I love Thursdays!!
It’s that time again for Thursday’s Thoughts from Pastor David

I was serving a church in Augusta, Georgia (they have a nice little golf tournament there every year), and I went away for a week for a conference.
Upon my return, one of the wisest elderly ladies I have ever met, Mrs. Berry asked me how the conference went.

I went into detail the people I met, the objectives of the course, the joy of “getting away” and the overall satisfaction of a fulfilling conference.
I concluded my comments with Mrs. Berry with this statement.
“It was a mountain top experience…”

The pregnant pause, the smile on Mrs. Berry’s wrinkled face slowly stretching from ear to ear and the twinkle in her eighty plus year old eyes piercing my very heart brought my soul and mind to a quick stop.

The follow up was hearing her sweet southern accent drawl out this next statement which has stuck like tar to my heart for the last twenty-five years.
“David… just remember… nothing ever grows on the mountain top… Everything always and only grows in the valley…”

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The Smile of Love


Our family had the complete privilege and joy of spending ten days together on a much anticipated Hawaiian vacation on the island of Maui. Our family was celebrating two  2016 mileposts – Julie turning a half a century and our fifteenth wedding anniversary!

Two days after our arrival the Dendy family arrived at slip #55 at the harbor to embark on a snorkeling adventure on the “Maui Magic.” We bounded on to the boat around 7:30 in the morning full of anticipation. Fresh fruit and muffins found their way on to my plate before the boat launched. My typical gregarious self was in full motion in meeting the awesome crew and other passengers. After getting our instructions and making sure the other forty passengers were safely on board, off we went to the island of Molokini!

About halfway to Molokini, my wife Julie asked for me to look for something underneath my seat. I bent my head over to look and quickly realized I would not be able to fulfill her request.

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Is it true “Variety is the Spice of Life?”

I love change.
Change can be a great motivator.

I love the spicy variety life brings day in and day out.
Spice it up is what I say!!

Consider this…
A lady came in to my office years ago and here was her plight…
“Every time I pull into the driveway, my stomach turns  topsy turvy.
I never know what I am coming home to…
Some days my husband is as sweet as candy.
Other days he is as sour as a lemon.

Some days he’s drunk, fast asleep.

Others, he is in full “let’s get it done” mode.
How sad it is, I prefer the days he’s drunk fast asleep.

Some days he’s verbally and physically abusive.

Other days, my arrival is met with complete silence.

David, I would love to know what I am coming home to each and every day…

Doesn’t sound like “variety” is adding the right kind of spices to this lady’s life.

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Saying Goodbye

Saying Goodbye

Thursday’s Thoughts from Pastor David

Next time you read Thursday’s Thoughts from Pastor David it will be August!
Here we are on the cusp of a new month as we say goodbye to July.

How do you say, “Goodbye?”

Are you good at saying, “goodbye?”
Some people are…
Some people aren’t…

Sometimes we have to say goodbye long before we wish.

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Who is God?

God is

I hope your Thursday morning is off to an incredible start.

The thought of the day is more of a question to get your thoughts…

Who is God?

As you might be able to imagine, as a Pastor, I have had the privilege of running into all sorts of answers to this question over the years in my ministry.

I would love to know your “Thursday’s Thoughts” on this topic…

Who is God?

Feel free to send your replies to:


Have a fantabulous day!

Laugh often and Fear not!

The Chain


Thursday’s Thoughts from Pastor David

The Chain

When was the last time you went to the circus?
Was it a three ringer?
Barnum and Bailey?
Lions, tigers and bears? Oh my!
Tent with a center pole?Have you ever noticed the elephants?
These beautiful creatures stand so tall, with such pride as their ears flap and their trunks trumpet!

Weighing anywhere from 6,000 to 13,000 pounds, their mere presence dwarfs all those who dare to draw near.

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